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What makes the Performante so special?

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What makes the Performante so special?

The Huracán Performante has reworked the concept of super sports cars and taken the notion of performance to levels never seen before. The vehicle has been re-engineered in its entirety, as regards its weight, engine power, chassis and above all by introducing an innovative system of active aerodynamics: ALA. The combination of these modifications and the skilled work of the team at Lamborghini, took the Huracán Performante to complete a lap at Nürburgring in 00:06:52:01 setting a new record for best lap and becoming the fastest standard production car at the Shrine of Speed.

The introduction of the Huracan Performante kicked in the front door of what we thought the word “fast” meant.  Think back to just 10+ years ago where breaking 500hp in a production car was something very special, today it’s commonplace. We used to associate performance with simple measurements like horsepower and torque.  Fast forward a decade and now we’re using terms like “active aero” and “forged carbon”.

Why is the Performante so special?

Aside from it’s looks (you have to admit, it’s art on wheels), this supercar has more technology than the Apollo 13 and we’re hoping it’s more reliable too.  The front and rear spoilers are made of entirely of Forged Composites that enable the aerodynamics to be actively exploited to achieve maximum performance by increasing or decreasing the downforce as required. The naturally aspirated v10 has been renovated and redesigned, paired with the lightning fast shifts from the LDF double clutch transmission - the result? A 00:06:52:01 lap time at the Nürburgring,setting a new record for best lap and becoming the fastest standard production car. Yup, it’s the best.

Totally renovated and redesigned with fluid dynamics optimized at both intake and exhaust, this engine is the aspirated V10 with the highest specific power. The new intake ducts come directly from Lamborghini Motorsport’s experience and improve response at all speeds. The double clutch transmission (LDF) has been further perfected and now is able to support even the highest performance. All this wrapped up in the even more vibrant and thrilling sound of the new lightened exhaust system.

DDE was invited to Laborghini Vancouver for the unveiling of the Performante, check it out below:

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