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Inspired by Graphene, the breakthrough technology of the millenium. The Graphene Series HYPERCHARGER is the POCKET solution for ALL of your mobile power needs. It will charge almost anything! From an Apple iPhone, Google Pixel, Android phone, drones, bluetooth headphones and speakers. A HyperCharger so advanced, you will never leave home or travel without it!

The Graphene 11K Pocket HyperCharger is the world’s first graphene-inspired high speed phone and tablet charger. With LinearFlux's 10,500mAh ultra high-efficiency battery system, the HyperCharger powers your phone or tablet in the blink of an eye. Compatible with both Apple and Android smartphones, this super-fast charging system is as eye-catching as it is powerful.

As an added $25 bonus, this includes a Graphene HyperCharging high-strength braided cable for Apple iOS or Android with Type-C. Other features include: four ultra-bright sapphire LED fuel meters; sleek, low-profile dimensions; and a jet black, high gloss finish. Enjoy up to 3 Amps from its HyperCharging Generation 3 fast-charging technology at your home or office. With two HyperPort USB charging ports, you can power multiple phones, or power your phone and tablet at the same time! It comes with a NanoStik PRO nanosuction pad.

LinearFlux Graphene 11K Pocket HyperCharger

  • World’s first Graphene inspired HyperCharger!
  • Available finishes: Jet Black
  • Dimensions: 2.44" x 3.44" x 0.75"  (87mm x 62mm x 19mm)
  • Weight: 8.5oz (240g)
  • Sleek and low profile dimensions with a high gloss finish.
  • 10,500mAh ultra high-efficient battery system
  • 4 ultra-bright true white LED fuel meter
  • 3 Amp HyperCharging Generation 3 fast-charging technology
  • 2 HyperPort USB charging ports. Charge two iPhone 7s at the same time!
  • USB to microUSB recharging cable
  • Includes the revolutionary anti-gravity NanoStik PRO pad. Amazing nano-suction pad sticks the Graphene HyperCharger to your smartphone without the use of adhesives. Rinse with warm water and mild soap when dirty. Other many uses since it stick to just about everything